Flatbox Studios are a small group of developers working to create unique and fun games. We got our start making games for Game Jams over the past three years. After the success of our winning entry Chill Out, we had the opportunity to work with the HTC Vive. Our Vive release, Skeet: VR Target Shooting has been quite successful, with over 60,000 downloads. We're currently working on exZOOberant, a game for the HTC Vive to be released in 2017.
exZOOberant is a game currently under development. It features frantic gameplay around sorting animals. Manage your predators, and gather like-type animals in pens for unique powerups. Campaign Mode will feature challenging levels for players to master, while Survival Mode will give a longer challenge of strategizing to reach new high scores.
Skeet: VR Target Shooting
Skeet: VR Target Shooting was our first release on Steam. It's title for the HTC: Vive, which features three types of shotguns, and three varying modes of gameplay. As our previous titles, it was free as we wanted to reach as many players as we could. That looks to have been successful, with over 60,000 downloads to date! We're proud to have been part of the Vive's release, and are excited to share further experiences with gamers.
Chill Out
Chill Out was developed for the 'Little-Awful 2016' Jam. The theme of the 2-week Jam was "Chill", so we created a game featuring many small "Chill" experiences and a hidden mystery to be found. We won the Jam, and wanted to explore similar ideas in VR. That led to the opportunity to work with the HTC: Vive.
Outskirts is a prototype we've yet to develop into a full experience. It is a FPS game which features online multiplayer. Each map takes place in low gravity, across multiple planetoids (with localized gravity!). Capture the Flag from the enemy team's planet, grappling back to your own. Deathmatch across multiple cube-shaped planetoids.
Bare Asphalt
Created for a Game Jam in 2015. The theme of the Jam was "Critical Omission", so we created a racing game omitting cars. Bare Asphalt featured online multiplayer, three tracks, a practice mode with bots, and multiple racers.